Jordan Burchel - New Album 12/16

Listen along as Gainesville, FL based musician Jordan Burchel resolves his dysfunctional relationships with people and food through the power of song. Vowel Sounds, Burchel's second LP, was recorded between March 2015 and August 2016 in various storage units and spare bedrooms throughout central Florida; it serves as a transcript of a years-long internal dialog and its sound is about as stable as the person who made it. The album was produced and mixed by Jordan Burchel, and mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound, NYC. It is available 12/16 on Spotify, iTunes, and on Vinyl.      

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Vowel Sounds

by Jordan Burchel

12.16.2016 Please do not share songs other than Coffee Breath at this time. Thank you.

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"Gainesville, Florida resident Jordan Burchel makes electrically and emotionally charged indie rock that’s infused with a sense of mass and negative space." - Wake The Deaf

On Why They Call You Blue: "This is a wonderful song that I came across this week, just in the nick of time. With the news being what it is, I just wanted to escape reality. This song just took me away as soon as it began and I am forever grateful. The lyrics and the music set the scene so beautifully, that it's hard not to think you're one of the people in this ongoing conversation." - Paste Magazine

"According to Ryan Adams, “To be young is to be sad” – but in the case of Florida singer/songwriter Jordan Burchel, that’s only partly true. On this new single from his forthcoming sophomore album, Vowel Sounds, the young balladeer proves that introspective vulnerability is a fine selling point." - The Revue

“‘Mood Swing’ can be played repeatedly without losing its luster. Every song tells a story: of childhood, of growing up in a small town, of living life in the present... And his sound, which is raw and nakedly sincere, guides you through the tumultuous lyrics.” - The Fine Print