Thank You

Jordan here. You've stumbled upon my tiny internet broom closet and I want to sincerely thank you for looking around and seeing what's what. I spend a great deal of time making music and other things and it's deeply humbling and gratifying when other people find what I make and get something out of it, so again, thanks for being here.  

Like most musicians and creatives, I also spend a great deal of time stuck in an uncomfortable negotiation between making the stuff I want to and trying to make money, which I also love. There's a boatload of ways to go about it, but the one that appeals to me the most is cultivating and supporting a group of like-minded people who enjoy what I make, and who themselves make great shit. I'll pull no punches here: I'm trying to sell you T-Shirts so I can afford health insurance next year. Setting up your computer to stream my albums when you aren't home is also a big help.