First off, please consider donating to The Southern Poverty Law Center here:


It's a concrete thing you can do today to assist in fighting White Nationalists, Nazis, Fascists, and hate groups in general. They also have resources on their site for getting involved in other ways. I personally feel like I haven't done enough to be a part of the solution and so I'm changing that. Maybe you feel like that too and want some guidance.   

In album land, I can't stop writing pop songs. It started as a joke and now the floodgates have opened. It's me, so the lyrics are mostly sad still though now they sound happy, which I think is a sign I'm growing as an artist. This week I also took baseline acoustic measurements of the new room using a computer program (I'm rereading this - it's hard to believe but the phrase computer program might be outdated) called Room EQ Wizard and a specialty measurement mic with a ruler flat frequency response. After a 45 minute struggle involving a strawberry-banana smoothie, a laser level, and a plumb bob, I was able to arrange my trusty speakers and the measurement mic in the equilateral triangle that we needed to test. I'll post the data once I'm sure the measurements are all valid, and then you'll be able to see just how insanely bad the untreated room sounds. There are a handful of peaks well over 20 db in the bass frequencies - the strongest being at 59 hz - and this will make anything I try to mix in this room sound like hot garbage. We'll fix it. Maybe. Hopefully.

The songs. This morning I pulled up an old voice memo for a song that might make it on the new record called "She's a Theorist." I recorded a part a few months ago that I forgot about, and that I quite like, but it sounds like my guitar was in an alternate tuning when I did it, so... there goes that. I'll try to reverse engineer what the hell I'm playing tonight - this is something I'm happy to do honestly. I get good results sometimes by forcing myself out of my comfort zone this way. Being incredibly unorganized and prone to procrastination is a good hack for challenging yourself from the past. Who needs Brian Eno's Oblique Strategies when I have my own unintelligible notes from March? You might also say that's a profoundly unhealthy justification for the way I live. There's no way of knowing. I'll let you know what the data ends up telling us about the room, and then we'll start designing and building stuff. Hang in there everyone except Nazis.